Undergraduate Students of Perbanas Surabaya Sharia Economics Upgrade Softskills in the Teaching Campus Program

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Students of the Sharia Economics undergraduate study program at STIE Perbanas Surabaya passed the Batch 1 Teaching Campus program. A young man whose full name was Aziz Fadillah Mukadar was one of the 14 thousand students selected from the tens of thousands of students who registered.

Contacted after the announcement, Aziz admitted that he was interested in participating in the campus teaching program to serve the country. Besides that, the experience and its benefits are something that will not be forgotten while being a student.

"This program has quite a few benefits, such as conversion of 12 credits, financial assistance, and of course teaching experience. When I opened the announcement and the statement passed, I was really excited. Because those who joined the list are more than 30 thousand students from all over Indonesia who have registered and only about 14 thousand students are accepted, "he impressed.

This student who was born in Jakarta on March 28, 1998 also felt happy, proud, and had to give better skills to upgrade his soft skills. He told me that during the registration process, administrative files were filled. Such as letters of recommendation from university leaders, student active letters, certificates of value list, soft skills certificates. "The certificate has ever had teaching experience, because I used to have teaching experience and that certificate has become my provision for participating in this program," he said.

After passing the administrative selection, he continued with a written test with a number of materials on diversity, reasoning, tolerance and differences of opinion. Finally, the second child of 5 siblings was placed in SD Nurul Islam Petukangan in North Surabaya. "There I was not alone and there were some colleagues from other universities in Surabaya, about 7 students. Before being released to teach, we were given briefing by the committee and the Ministry of Education and Culture regarding the operating system and technical campus teaching activities for 3 months, as well as debriefing for 6 days, "he explained.

While participating in the Teaching Campus Program, Aziz hopes that the 18 students of STIE Perbanas Surabaya who participate can remain enthusiastic about carrying out the mandate. "Do not stop in the middle of the road, finish it completely. For myself, I can get a lot of experience, upgrade soft skills and can spread many benefits around, "he hoped.

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