Outstanding, Librarian STIE Perbanas Surabaya Wins Third Place

Friday, 23 October 2020     View: 4924

The Covid-19 pandemic has not prevented the librarian spirit of STIE Perbanas Surabaya to excel. Librarian with full name, Dio Eka Prayitno, S.Sos., Won 3rd place in the Best Librarian Selection Competition held by the Library and Archives Office of East Java Province in 2020.

Contacted after winning the award, Dio felt that the current champion he received was a form of mandate to continue to develop and devote himself to the librarian profession and the world of libraries. When competing, hard work and loyalty form the basis for going through the process of achieving achievement. However, for Dio the competition was not a competition.

"This competition is not a competition for me and my colleagues, but a momentum to share stories in managing the library. One thing that is challenging for me is mental preparation to continue to innovate for the common interest of both institutions and professions, "he explained.

Meanwhile, during the competition his party had to go through various selections, including: Cognitive Tests and Insights of the competitors. The next stage is the presentation of the paper that has been prepared. Dio also admitted that there were no special preparations.

"It's just that, I do routine activities in the library every day. There are targets that I want to achieve, for example in 1 year I have to publish scientific articles that are submitted through journals and proceedings. This helps in supporting my competition portfolio documents, "he said.

He continued, in routine activities, creative ideas can emerge to make innovations. "For example, when serving visitors to lecturers, students and visitors from outside the campus. These ideas are sparked in a concept, discussed with the team and then implemented in activities. Such is the cycle that I do in preparing for the race, "he added.

In the near future, his party also has a target of continuing studies to improve capabilities and will carry out massive scientific writing activities.

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