COMPAC 2017 SMKN 2 Pacitan Borong 1st Place and 3rd Place

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The Accounting Department Student Association is again holding high school / vocational high school level accounting competitions in Java, Bali and West Nusa Tenggara. A total of 75 teams participated in enlivening and competing at the 22nd (COMPAC) event on February 12, 2017 at the Auditorium Hall Campus 1 STIE Perbanas Surabaya. The activity was opened with the performance of the Cunduk Menur Dance by the STIE Perbanas Surabaya Dance Student Activity Unit and was officially opened by the Head of the Bachelor of Accountancy Study Program, Dr. Luciana Spica Almilia, SE., M.Si, QIA, CPSAK.

"Let these high school and vocational high school students compete with enthusiasm and hard work. Accounting Science will also be useful for entering the world of work. While waiting for the students to compete, the accompanying teachers also get a workshop on the Islamic financial accounting system, "he explained.

The competition which starts at 08.00 is divided into 4 sessions of a series of events. Session 1 (Kreuzung), which is the first session in the form of individual tests that each participant must take. Second Session (Fullung), where the groups get an essay question which they have to work on as a team. The third session (Drehkolben), is a Quick Get session where each team that passes to the top 20 gets a scramble question that must be answered relay by the participants. And, in the last session, the 4 best teams were selected to advance to the 4th session, namely Gewinner. In the Gewinner session, participants are required to make a powerpoint whose theme has been determined by the committee. In the last session, there were 4 best teams from SMAK 5 Petra Surabaya, SMAK Petra 2 Surabaya, and 2 teams from SMKN 2 Pacitan.

Until the end of the event the judges who were lecturers from the Accounting Study Program of STIE Perbanas Surabaya, namely Supriyati, SE., MSi, Ak., CA., CTA., Dewi Mudiawati SE., MM., Dian Oktarina., SE., MM. announced the results of the winners, namely the first winner was won by SMKN 2 Pacitan, 2nd place was won by SMAK Petra 5 Surabaya, 3rd place was won by SMKN 2 Pacitan, and the runner up was won by SMAK Petra 2 Surabaya. The winners seemed happy to receive prizes, rotating trophies, and also Golden Tickets to register as new students at STIE Perbanas Surabaya.

"I feel very happy and proud to be the first winner in this competition, considering that this is our last accounting competition because we are all in Class XII, on the other hand we feel challenged because previously SMKN 2 Pacitan had never won first place in the COMPAC competition. there is a desire to create history for our school. ", said Reza, Andi, and Deni, the 22nd COMPAC winner from SMKN 2 Pacitan.

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