Bachelor of Accounting Design Basic Internal Audit Auditor Competency Certification for Graduates

Monday, 16 January 2017     View: 1520

The Bachelor of Accounting study program at STIE Perbanas Surabaya never stops equipping graduates to have a variety of competencies. Currently, graduates can have a number of certificates, including: SAP Fundamentals, SAP Financial, USKAD certificates, and so on. The plan is for the Bachelor of Accounting Study Program to equip graduates with a Basic Internal Audit Auditor Competency Certification.

To realize this program, the initial stages carried out by the study program were to hold a Fraud Detection Technique Seminar: Internal Audit and External Audit Perspectives, on Monday (16/1). Located on Campus 2, this activity was attended by practitioners, educators, students, and the general public. This activity aims to provide an understanding of the important role of Internal Audit and External Audit in evaluating the systems that have been implemented in agencies and companies.

Meanwhile, the speakers who were presented came from professionals who were experts in the fields of internal audit and external audit. Regarding internal audit material delivered by the Founder of the Internal Audit Education Foundation, Prof. Hiro Tugiman, QIA. In addition, material on External Audit will be provided by Theodorus M. Tuanakotta. He is a public accountant for 35 years and has served as CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in Indonesia and a member of the Deloitte Asia-Pacific Board. In fact, the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) was trusted to be an expert for two years.

Entering the internal audit material, Prof. Hiro Tugiman, QIA., Said that fraud would still exist everywhere, however the activities of this internal auditor can minimize acts of fraud in an institution. "The activities of the internal auditors are limited to providing reporting, the responsibility is still returned to the leadership," he explained.

Head of the Bachelor of Accounting Study Program, Dr. Luciana Spica Almalia, M.Sc., QIA stated that this seminar was the first step to introduce the Internal Audit profession to students. "Apart from students, the introduction of the internal audit profession is also attended by lecturers, practitioners, and important officials in agencies or companies," he explained.

His party plans, after students get to know the internal audit profession, later the study program will collaborate to issue competency certificates. "So after graduating, students will have a professional certificate as a Basic Internal Audit Auditor," he concluded on the sidelines of the event.

On the second day, seminar participants will receive material about the internal audit system which is presented in the form of an Effective Audit and Reporting Program Design Engineering Worksop. The material will be explained directly by the holders of the Qualified Internal Auditor (QIA) certificate, namely Dr. Luciana Spica Almalia, M.Si., QIA (Lecturer at STIE Perbanas Surabaya) and Dr. Intiyas Utami, SE., M.Si., Ak., C.A., CMA., QIA. (Lecturer at the Satya Wacana University Salatiga).

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