E-Cash in Banking Development for Customer Oriented

Saturday, 03 December 2016     View: 2100

Technological developments such as Smartphones, Near-Field Communication (NFC), security features, and several access channels or devices that can replace each other provide many options for banks to provide Service Provider services. The rapid development of electronic commerce is undeniably changing consumer behavior towards payment services that are practical and in accordance with their needs, forcing operators, in this case banks, to create innovations and improve technology security. One of the newest banking products, namely E-Cash or electronic money. Users can spend a certain amount of money using an E-Cash card, but many people still don't know about E-Cash, which is very profitable.

UPKM KOMTIF STIE Perbanas Surabaya which is engaged in information technology tries to develop banking products through the E-Cash in Banking Development for Customer Oriented Seminar on Saturday (3/12) at the Campus Auditorium 1. This event also features three speakers who are very competent in their fields , namely banking regulator, Trifaldi Yudhistira (Bank Indonesia), E-Cash Provider, Widodo, SE, MM (Bank Rakyat Indonesia), and E-Cash user, Teguh Budihartojo (Jasa Marga)

“Electronic money issuance or better known as E-Cash is usually used for transactions that are small in nominal terms and frequent so that they require fast service due to the large number of transactions that occur. So, it is hoped that this E-cash can be used by the community in their daily life, "said Trifaldi Yudshistira.

Meanwhile, Widodo added that Bank Indonesia must continue to encourage the growth of the use of electronic money in the community. "It is hoped that the use of E-Cash can be used by all levels of society so that when they shop they do not need to carry cash anymore, but with a card they can shop anything and of course it is safer than carrying a lot of cash. Currently students play a role in using E-Cash because the majority of students enjoy shopping, especially online, making it easier for them to make transactions. Changing the use of cash to electronic money will support the Non-Cash Movement of Bank Indonesia, ”Widodo explained when delivering the material.

One of the users of E-Cash or electronic money is jasa marga. The large number of toll road users has forced the toll road manager (Jasa Marga) to develop an effective and efficient payment system. This is due to the large amount of money received by the manager and requires a large supply of cash. "Jasa marga uses e-payments or electronic payments to deal with the large amount of cash received and requires fast transactions in line with the high frequency of payments. Instruments or tools used for payment, namely e-cash or electronic money, ”said Teguh Budihartojo, as Deputy Manager of Toll Collections Management of PT. Jasa Marga (Persero), Tbk. Surabaya Gempol branch.

UPKM KOMTIF Advisor, Dr. Ronny hopes that this event will have a positive impact on the whole community, especially students, to start replacing the use of cash with electronic money when making transactions. "Students must be a pioneer in using E-Cash so that the use of cash will soon be replaced with electronic money," he concluded. (Robih / Eko)

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