Purwa Rupa 2024: Gotong Royong Visual Communication Design (DKV) Students of University of Hayam Wuruk Perbanas

Thursday, 18 January 2024     View: 482

Surabaya, January 18, 2024 - Students of the Visual Communication Design (DKV) Study Program at University of Hayam Wuruk Perbanas successfully held the Purwa Rupa event on January 17-18, 2024 at Wisma Jerman Surabaya. The event was attended by internal campus as well as various community groups, industry players, and art lovers.

With the theme "Gotong Royong," Purwa Rupa 2024 created a platform for collaboration and synergy between DKV students and the surrounding community. One of the main highlights of this Purwo Rupa is an innovative work in the form of a Hang Tuah storybook by Mei Aulian Putri that utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The Hang Tuah storybook with AR technology is the main attraction because it combines local wisdom with modern technology. Through the AR application, readers can explore the Hang Tuah story with an interactive visual experience. This creates a harmonious relationship between cultural tradition and technological advancement.

In her remarks, Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs University of Hayam Wuruk Perbanas Prof. Dr. Dra. Tatik Suryani, Psi., M.M., expressed her appreciation for the creativity of DKV students. "Purwa Rupa is not just an exhibition, but also a manifestation of the spirit of mutual cooperation in creating works that have a positive impact on society and students,".

The event also featured various art exhibitions, visual installations, and graphic designs that reflected the spirit of gotong royong and cultural diversity. By involving local communities, Purwa Rupa provides opportunities for students to contribute significantly to advancing art and culture in Surabaya.

Purwa Rupa 2024 is proof that DKV students at University of Hayam Wuruk Perbanas not only focus on aesthetic aspects, but are also able to integrate cultural values and technology in their works. The event succeeded in creating an inspiring space for visitors to experience the richness of Indonesian culture through a fresh and innovative perspective.

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