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Initially the Association of Private National Banks (PERBANAS), which is an organization in the banking sector, established a Level "A" Bank Cadre Course for junior high school graduates and a Level "B" Bank Cadre Course for high school graduates. In addition to the existing written courses, in the academic year 1967/1968 Oral "B" Bank Cadre Education was also held for employees and employees of banks in Surabaya, both government banks and private banks, at the Hall of PT. Bank Amerta, Jalan Pemuda No. 4 Surabaya under the leadership of Drs. Ec. Agus Widjaya AS.

The institutional development from the Oral "B" Bank Cadre Education to the PERBANAS Surabaya Banking Academy (AIP PERBANAS Surabaya) was carried out on January 29, 1970 in accordance with the Central PERBANAS Decree No. 25 / PERBANAS / 1970. Each of the founders of AIP PERBANAS Surabaya are: Drs. Ec. Agus Widjaja AS., Widianto Tedja, SH., Drs. S. Sidharta (late), and Husein Moha, SH (late). With the issuance of the DIKTI regulation regarding the implementation of Higher Education it is not allowed to open branches in other places, so with Gusti Djohan notary certificate No. 57 dated December 14, 1977 established the East Java Perbanas Education Foundation, which was later renewed by notarial deed Suyati Subadi, SH No. 59 dated April 22, 1997.

List of Head of the East Java Perbanas Education Foundation

Name Period
Mr. H.R. Soedarno (Almarhum) 1977 - 1982
Widianto Tedja, SH 1982 - 1987
Maliki Tedja, SH 1987 - 1992
Maliki Tedja, SH 1992 - 1997
Herman Halim 1997 - 2022
Suprapto (Dewan Pembina) 2022 - now


Referring to the Daily Management Board (BPH) Letter Number: 074/BPH/YP.2126/X/2021 regarding Changes in the Organ Structure of the Foundation, Based on the results of the Education Foundation Meeting of the National Private National Commercial Banks Association of East Java on October 15, 2021, that starting Thursday, October 21 2021 has made changes to the Organ Structure of the Foundation, which are as follows.

Board of Supervisors

Djaki Djajaatmadja

Chairman :
Muljo Hardijana
Secretary : Erlianie Soethiono
Treasurer : Soelistijono Halim

Supervisory Board
Chairman : Jimmy Harto




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