Initially STIE PERBANAS SURABAYA organized an educational program called the “A” Level Bank Cadre Course for junior high school graduates and the “B” Level Bank Cadre Course for high school graduates. In addition to the existing written courses, in 1967-1968, Bank "B" Cadre Education was also held for employees and employees of banks in Surabaya, both government banks and private banks.

Subsequent developments, the "B" Bank Cadre Education became the forerunner of the PERBANAS Surabaya Banking Academy (AIP PERBANAS Surabaya) which was held on January 29, 1970 in accordance with Central PERBANAS Management Decree No. 25 / PERBANAS / 1970. The early founders of AIP PERBANAS Surabaya were: Drs. Ec. Agus Widjaja AS., Widianto Tedja, SH., Drs. S. Sidharta, and Husein Moha, SH. Then, according to DIKTI regulations regarding the implementation of higher education institutions that are not allowed to open branches in other places, in East Java the East Java Perbanas Education Foundation was established with notary deed Gusti Djohan No. 57 dated December 14, 1977, which was later renewed by notarial deed Suyati Subadi, SH No. 59 dated April 22, 1997.

In 1982 the Bachelor of Management Study Program was opened, and with a SK. Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 0356/1982 dated 2 November 1982 and the name of the PERBANAS Surabaya Academy of Banking Sciences was changed to the Academy of Banking and Management, PERBANAS Surabaya (AIPM PERBANAS Surabaya).

In order to follow up on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture No. 0336/1984 dated August 9, 1984 regarding the arrangement of departments and study programs in Higher Education, through the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 0510/0/1985 dated August 12, 1985, there was a change in form and name to the College of Economics PERBANAS Surabaya which held education for 2 (two) departments, namely the Department of Management and the Department of Accounting. Meanwhile, the Management Study Program (S2) was held since 2006 with Decree no 4892 / D / T / 2006.

Physical Infrastructure
At the beginning of its establishment, secretariat activities were carried out in one of the rooms of PT. Bank Amerta, Jalan Pemuda No. 4 Surabaya, while the lecture activities were held at YPPI Building, Jalan Sulungkali 45 - 47, Surabaya.
Coinciding with the XI Anniversary on January 29, 1981, a groundbreaking was held for the construction of a Campus Building on an area of ​​± 3,945 m2 located on Jalan Nginden Semolo 36 Surabaya. Thanks to the full support of PERBANAS Member banks throughout East Java and Bank Indonesia, the construction of Building (A) for the campus can be realized and its use symbolically inaugurated by Prof. Ir. Soekisno Hadikoemoro as Director of Private Higher Education (DIRGUTISWA) on August 26, 1982. With this campus building, since September 1982 the secretariat and all academic activities were held at Jalan Nginden Semolo 36 Campus, Surabaya.

Until now, STIE PERBANAS Surabaya already has its own land area of ​​± 7,715 m2 with 4 (four) building units, namely A, B, C, and D, all of which are equipped with air conditioning, which are used for education and teaching. Meanwhile, an area of ​​6,460 m2 is located in the Wonorejo sub-district, Rungkut District, Surabaya. Currently, Campus 2 has been built which is used for the development of STIE Perbanas Surabaya.

National and International Recognition
STIE Perbanas Surabaya has received national recognition by obtaining various kinds of grants from the Directorate of Higher Education (DIKTI) including Semi-Que Grants (2003-2004), K3 Grants (2007), Layoffs A3 (2007-2009), K1 Grants (2008), Coop Grants (2008-2009), PHKI (2009-2011), Entrepreneurial Student Program Grants (2009), Student Professional Association Grants (2009). With the K3 grant, STIE Perbanas Surabaya has access to join the Inherent network (Indonesian Higher Education Network) managed by the Directorate of Higher Education so that they can organize and be involved in video conferences with 283 universities throughout Indonesia. In addition, the Risk Management Certification Agency (BSMR) has also given confidence to conduct training for banks to obtain bank risk management certification. The trust to conduct training was also given by the Financial Services Cooperative Professional Certification Institute on July 9, 2009 to provide training for managers of financial services operations in East Java to obtain certification.
Recognition at the Kopertis Region VII level is:

The appointment of STIE Perbanas Surabaya as the Higher Education Development Team (2009).
Coordinating colleges for the Student Entrepreneurial Program (PMW) for the Surabaya, Jombang, Lamongan and Madura regions (2009).
In 2008-2009 STIE Perbanas received three awards for Higher Education Management Governance; Research and Community Service; and award as Five Leading Universities Group Non-University.

International recognition obtained includes obtaining ISO 9001: 2000 Certification on January 12, 2006 and three years later being renewed with ISO 9001: 2008 in March 2009. With the ISO certification, Perbanas is finally able to rank 26th for Higher Education Quality Assurance through DIKTI ranking. In terms of involvement in international forums, since 2005 the teaching staff has been active in international forums such as SEAAIR (South East Asian Association for Institutional Research), ASAIHL (Association of South East Asian Institutions of Higher Learning). Regarding SEAAIR, STIE Perbanas Surabaya won the trust to host SEAAIR in 2008. Even during the 2007 7th conference at the Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand, the Chairperson of STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Prof. DR. Tatik Suryani was believed to be in the position Vice President of the SEAAIR Executive Committee for the 2007-2010 period.
Regarding the trust of international institutions in the field of education, STIE Perbanas Surabaya has obtained volunteer teaching staff from Volunteer Service Overseas from England (1999) and Australian Business Volunteer (2008). In 2008 STIE Perbanas Surabaya was trusted to be the independent operator (manager) of the International Award for Young People (IAYP) activities which are centrally managed by the Duke of Edinburgh's Award in England which awards students who are consistent in carrying out sports activities, community service, and improving skills and able to adapt to the environment.

Education & Teaching Sector
The education and teaching process has been supported by the existence of a learning management system (e-learning) that can be accessed by lecturers and students. In addition, the achievements of the quality of education and teaching have been greatly accelerated by the implementation of soft skills and a student-centered learning (SCL) approach in learning. To improve the pedagogical skills of lecturers, AA Pekerti training was given in 2008.

In accordance with its international standard vision, STIE Perbanas Surabaya since 2006 has held lectures in English for several subjects, namely Marketing Management and Financial Management (2006), Introduction to Management (2007) and Strategic Management (2009). In addition, the determination of a minimum TOEFL score of 400 as a requirement to take final assignments has been enforced for students of the class of 2005. Meanwhile, the achievement of English proficiency for lecturers and employees is measured from the TOEFL score or independent presentation in international forums where starting from 2005 it has been integrated into a lecturer and employee performance assessment system based on competencies that are assessed annually. To support the ability of the academic community and increase motivation and achievement in English, through the A3 Competition Grant Program obtained by the Accounting Department, an ESAC (English Self-Access Center) has been built which is an independent English learning center.

Global access has also been considered with the existence of free internet connections for academicians on campus. Meanwhile, the ability of students in learning software applications is Microsoft standard. Access to online journals, namely Ebsco (since 2007) and Pro-Quest since 2009 through access rights from the National Library and Higher Education) has been provided for lecturers and students.

The professionalism of lecturers is supported by the development of expertise in their respective fields. Some of the certifications held by lecturers are Certified Professional Marketing, Financial Planner, Cefified Financial Analyst (CFA), Financial Planner, Certified Wealth Management (CWM), Certified Professional Management Accountant (CPMA), Bank Risk Management, Financial Services Cooperative Management, and Lead Auditor who specifically supports the implementation of ISO but at the same time supports the implementation of academic quality assurance. Some of the associations attended by lecturers are the Indonesian Economists Association (ISEI), the Indonesian Accountants Association (IAI), the Indonesian Psychological Association (HIMPSI) and Teaching of English as A Second Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN). In the ISEI institution, senior lecturers of STIE Perbanas Surabaya have even served as Chairman of ISEI, namely Dr. Tjuk Kasturi Sukiadi (1995-2000) and Dr. Wilopo (2003-2009).

Research and Community Service
Several research collaborations have been undertaken with external parties, namely with Bank Indonesia, Commercial Banks, and the Office of Cooperatives. In addition, in increasing the competence and quality of lecturers' research, especially applied research, research groups have been formed according to their areas of expertise. Meanwhile, for sharing research results, lecturers are strongly supported in presenting research results in national and international forums. The journal that has been published by STIE Perbanas as a media for disseminating research results is the Journal of Business Economics and Accounting / Venture (starting 2002), 

Indonesian Journal of Banking and Finance (Postgraduate, starting 2009, published every January & July). There is an increase in the number of lecturers involved and obtaining research grants from DIKTI such as Competitive Research Grants, Fundamental Research Grants, Research Grants for Women's Studies and Research Grants for Young Lecturers.

Community service programs funded by the Higher Education are VUCER (lecturers), Student Creativity Program (students), COOP (students) and Entrepreneurship Grants (students) as well as Student Professional Association (APM) grants. The Student Creativity Program has led student teams to enter national level competitions in Malang (2006), Lampung (2007) and Malang (2009).

Supporting Units and Activities for Students
In addition to gaining knowledge, skills and attitude development obtained in curricular activities in lectures, students are honed to have high soft skills. Softkill has been implemented in lectures and outside lectures through the Super Softskill Mentoring (SSM) program where new students in one semester will interact systematically with seniors so that social orientation, mental, team work, independence and a competitive mentality will be formed. The Super Softskill Mentoring Program has recorded a unique record twice in a row that has been recognized by the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) since 2008.

Student organizations have been provided to channel reasoning activities, talents and interests, welfare and community service, organizational development at the national level is carried out with the help of Student Professional Association Grants obtained from the Higher Education by the Accounting Department Student Association in 2009 to form a national-level association, namely the Accounting Student Association Indonesia (AMAI). To help students solve various problems that can interfere with academic and social activities on campus, a Psychology Service Unit is provided.

With the vision of an international standard institution, activities that provide opportunities for students to study and internships abroad have been implemented since 2006, in collaboration with Edith Cowan University (Australia) for the Auditing Student Program and Universiti Sains Malaysia for the Internship Program through the Corporate Social Responsibility Unit. .

Absorption of Graduates
In helping the absorption of graduates in the world of work, Perbanas Career Center (PCC) has provided provision for students who are approaching graduation with the knowledge and skills to face the world of work. In addition, graduates are also assisted in gaining access to industry through various work programs including Campus Hiring and the Perbanas Banking Job Fair. For Campus Hirings, as many as 44 companies have joined, 27 of which are holding tests and direct selections at the STIE Perbanas Surabaya campus. Banks and companies that join the Campus Hiring activities include Bank Danamon Tbk, Bank Amin Indonesia, Bank Muamalat Indonesia, RBS Bank, PT. Puspetindo, PT. Lotus indah textile, PT. Garuda Indonesia Airlines, PT. Sindo Tiara Tunggal, PT. Insera Sena Poligon cycle, PT. Kedawung Setia, and PT. Gudang Garam.

Collaboration with Perbanas HRD Club, which consists of HR Managers at Member Banks of Perbanas East Java in order to increase the absorption of graduates in the member banks of Perbanas, East Java by holding the Perbanas Banking Job Fair, a special banking job fair that was first held in Indonesia, especially for users in the banking industry. The Perbanas banking Job Fair was attended by 26 banks, including Bank Central Asia, Bank CIMB Niaga, Bank Maspion, Bank BTPN, Bank Yuda Bhakti, Bank Mandiri, Bank Bukopin, Bank OCBC NISP and Bank Syariah Mega.

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