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Fintech Innovation for Ease of Financial Transactions
Tuesday, 20 February 2018

The development of technology in this digital era makes people inevitably have to follow it. All sectors have developed application or software-based technology, including in the field of Economics. All service providers (startups) are competing to make it easier to carry out f... Detail

Exploring Economic Potential, Students Are Enthusiastic to Participate in the 2018 Perbanas Competition
Saturday, 20 January 2018

The Diploma 3 Program Association (HMD) of STIE Perbanas Surabaya held an annual event in the form of a Diploma Perbanas Competition. Located at Campus 2 Jalan Wonorejo Utara 16 Rungkut Surabaya, this competition was attended by at least 90 high school / vocational / MA student... Detail

Public Lecture= Plus Students Can Be Successful Entrepreneurs
Friday, 08 December 2017

STIE Perbanas Surabaya through its Diploma 3 Program held a Public Lecture "Become Successful Entrepreneur" on Friday, December 8, 2017. Located in Hall B Campus, this event was attended by hundreds of students divided into 2 sessions, namely 13.00 WIB and 15.00 WIB.... Detail

Harmony 2017
Monday, 07 August 2017

Amid the increasing need for higher education, there are still a number of students who are able to study for free. This opportunity is obtained from none other than the scholarship program. At STIE Perbanas Surabaya, 42 new 2017 students received scholarship programs, including: 15 Full Scholarships, 22 Bidikmisi Sc... Detail

Perbanas STIE Accompanying 2 Universities to Improve Accreditation through the Internal Quality Assurance System
Tuesday, 01 August 2017

STIE Perbanas Surabaya was selected to be one of the tertiary institutions that received the 2017 PT Unggul Fostering Program Grants from 26 universities appointed by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. This decision was made considering STIE Perbanas Surabaya was one of the 50 tertiary institu... Detail

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