Kartini Day's meaning for the President Commissioner of the Student Representative Body

Wednesday, 21 April 2021     View: 14366

April 21st will be a moment of struggle for Indonesian female figures. He is a National Independence Hero named Raden Ajeng (RA) Kartini. Her figure is so inspiring that she becomes a role model for women because of the values ​​of struggle that should be emulated. This was also felt by the President Commissioner of the Student Representative Body (BPM) STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Febriyani Sarwindah.

Carrying out a routine as an administrator of a student organization (ormawa), Sarwindah also exemplifies the figure of RA. Kartini. In commemoration of Kartini Day, he interpreted that as a student, he could become young Kartini in the millennial era who were tough and critical of the times. "Moreover, as a student, you have to filter all cultures and phenomena that enter Indonesia," he said.

According to the woman from Pacitan, the value of life issued by RA Kartini is quite a lot. Among them, patience, determination, struggle, nationalism, freedom, equality, and others. In organizational practice, this hijab girl is always motivated by the spirit of RA. Kartini includes trying to apply things of kindness and courage. "For example, when I lead an organization, where in the organization there are also men as members. However, I am not afraid because I always remember the existence of freedom and equality, ”explained this 2018 Perbanas Entrepreneur Award Winner.

Meanwhile, to continue Kartini's present struggle, Sarwindah invites Indonesian women to be persistent in pursuing the dream they aspire to until that dream is achieved and must continue to process and learn. Like what he is currently doing, he is preoccupied with the activities of the Student Assistant in the Undergraduate Accounting Study Program to the organization of BPM and youth organizations in his area. "So, I want to be able to help many people regarding general knowledge and organizational procedures," explained the 2020 Talented Perbanas Ambassador.

He also hopes that these great women in Indonesia will always be creative, innovative, and caring. "Because women actually must be able to be independent in the sense of being independent financially and also be able to meet their own needs and can and must bring good influence in the surrounding environment, nation and state," he concluded. (eko / hms)

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