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To Support Orderly Tax, Perbanas Surabaya Performs Tax Return Reporting Assistance Through the Tax Center

Friday, 26 March 2021     View: 5895

Perbanas Surabaya is constantly developing and innovating. Most recently, Perbanas supports an orderly tax reporting program that is promoted by local and central governments. To support this program, Perbanas Surabaya through the Accounting and Taxation Laboratory provides assistance to all employees and lecturers in Perbanas environment to assist in the annual tax return reporting process.

The annual SPT reporting process itself is actually a routine agenda every year. Every year Indonesian citizens who have an NPWP and income are required to report tax returns. The deadline for reporting annual tax returns usually falls in March for individual taxpayers. As for corporate taxpayers, it falls in April.

There are fines and sanctions if taxpayers do not submit tax returns for a certain period of a year. This is regulated in Law Number 28 of 2007 concerning the Third Amendment to Law Number 6 of 1983 concerning General Provisions and Tax Procedures (KUP).

The following are the provisions for fines for taxpayers who have submitted tax returns as stated in Article 7 of Law Number 28 of 2007. A fine of IDR 100,000 for an individual taxpayer's annual income tax return. A fine of IDR 1,000,000 for the corporate taxpayer's annual income tax return. A fine of IDR 500,000 for periodic value-added tax returns. A fine of IDR 100,000 for other Periodic Tax Returns.

Perbanas knows about this, so assigns the management of the Accounting and Taxation Laboratory to provide assistance related to annual tax return reporting. One of those appointed by Perbanas was Mr. Kadek Pranetha Prananjaya, S.E., M.A. He is a lecturer at the Accounting Study Program from Perbanas Surabaya. In providing this assistance, he was not alone but was accompanied by a tax center team consisting of Ms. Nur'aini Rokhmania and Mrs. Dewi Murdiawati, as well as the Perbanas Surabaya Tax Volunteer Team appointed by the Regional Office of DJP Jatim I.

In the interview via WhatsApp, he was asked whether there were any obstacles in the process of assisting the reporting of tax returns, he explained that there were no technical obstacles, but because reporting this SPT was only once a year, lecturers often forgot their password to enter e-filing. So that his party and the tax center team collaborated with HR and finance to provide E-fin data for resetting passwords.

He also explained that this tax return reporting can now be done online via the website The requirement to be able to report online is to have an e-fin. The mentoring process itself is divided into several categories, there are offline (face-to-face) mentoring, online mentoring using zoom media, and independent mentoring by providing video tutorial links. Video tutorials are divided into 3 categories, namely video login e-filing and forgot password (, video form 1770 SS ( and video form 1770 S (https: //

Even so, this assistance activity is routinely carried out every year through the Perbanas Tax Center and tax volunteer activities. This is because changes in taxation regulations are very fast so that this assistance activity needs to be carried out regularly. Considering that this activity is only carried out once a year, many of the lecturers forget and do not understand the new tax regulations and will have difficulty filling out the SPT. In addition, Mr. Kadek in his interview emphasized that this assistance activity makes it easier and closer for taxpayers to comply with the annual SPT reporting. This activity can increase the participation of the Tax Center through collaboration between the Directorate General of Taxes and Universities such as Perbanas Surabaya. (yhcp/hms)

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