Perbanas Surabaya Holds a Advanced Meeting Research and Community Service Roadmap on 2021-2026

Saturday, 27 March 2021     View: 6844
Friday, 26 March 2021 Perbanas Surabaya held a follow-up meeting on the Strategic Plan for the preparation of a 2021 research and community service roadmap for three new study programs at the Faculty of Engginering is a Informatics, Information Systems and Visual Communication Design. Previously, on March 18, 2021, Perbanas Surabaya also held a similar meeting which was attended by all Heads of Study Programs at Perbanas Surabaya and lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering. This event starts at 13.00 WIB through the online media Google Meet.The meeting at this meeting presented Deputy Chair 4, Head of Research, Head of Community Service and Engineering Faculty. The event was opened by the Head of Research Dr. Muazaroh, SE., MT. In his remarks, she is conveyed that the purpose of the agenda was to straighten the research roadmap for the study program at the Faculty of Engineering which would later be included in the RESTRA University research.

The next event was followed presentation by Dr. Drs. Soni Harsono, M.Si as Deputy Chair of 4 for Research Collaboration and Community Service of Perbanas Surabaya. 

On this occasion, he explained the relevant research topics for study programs at Perbanas Surabaya by referring to the national research agenda of RISTEKBRIN. In addition, he also gave a presentation on previous research RENSTRA from institutions with the flagship research theme of the 2016-2020 Perbanas is "Development of Science and Technology Based on Local Potentials to Create Competitiveness of Financial and Banking Institutions in 2020" while the theme of RENSTRA is carried out for 2021-2026. namely "Science and Technology Development for Increasing Business / Banking Competitiveness and Community Welfare in the 4.0 Era".

With reference to the national research agenda, the focus of the theme of Perbanas Surabaya's excellent research activities includes 2 research fields, that is a Information & Communication Technology and Social Humanities-Arts-Culture-Education. The theme emphasizes the development of research in 4 leading research fields, that is the field of excellence in business and banking, accounting and public interest, white collar crime prevention and technology & information.

The next session was followed by a presentation by Dr. Nurul Hasanah, S.E., M.Si who explained about the Community Service Strategic Plan. In his presentation, he explained several standards of service to the community.Dr. Muazaroh, SE., MT also gave an explanation in the form of an example of a road map from Informatics. It is hoped that later each of these study programs will have a final roadmap for research and community service that is in line with the objectives of the institution.In accordance with what was conveyed by him, DIKTI hopes that campuses in Indonesia will produce research that is sustainable for community service and teaching in accordance with the Tri Darma of Higher Education.

In the final session, lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering study program got the opportunity to explain the roadmap for the research and community service plans at related study program and questions answers with the stakeholders. In the next, the lecturers at the Faculty of Engginering will be given another opportunity to present the final research and community service roadmap with other study program lecturers. (gs / hms)



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