Enhancing the Role of ORMAWA, Perbanas Surabaya Holds Socialization and Training on Social Media and Website Management

Wednesday, 10 March 2021     View: 5968

Along with the times and technology, the role of mass media is getting bigger in disseminating information. Now the mass media as a means of branding and introducing individuals and organizations to the public. Various kinds of mass media are now available in our environment, both free and paid. By utilizing the mass media, the organization can be better known to the public at large.

Departing from this background, the Public Relations and Social Media Team of Perbanas Surabaya held a Socialization and Training on Management of Social Media and Websites for Student Organizations in the Perbanas Surabaya environment. This event was held online through Zoom media on Monday, March 8, 2021. Participants who took part in this training and socialization were representatives of BEM and ORMAWA in Perbanas Surabaya.

This event was held with the aim of equating perceptions regarding ORMAWA's social media accounts in the Perbanas Surabaya environment so that they are in line and uniform with Perbanas Surabaya social media accounts. Chairman of Perbanas Surabaya, Mr. Dr. Yudi Sutarso, S.E., M.M. explained in his speech the importance of managing this social media well. "During this pandemic, social media became the campus' main weapon in branding to get new students. In addition, social media is also useful for campuses to exist in society, "he said.

In this training, there were 2 lecturers from the new Perbanas Surabaya study program. They are Mr. Pungky Feby A, S.Sn., M.Sn in charge of delivering material about social media. Second, there is Mr. Iqbal Ramadhani M., S.Kom., M.Kom who is in charge of delivering material about the website. Furthermore, who served as moderator in this event was the Public Relations of Perbanas Surabaya, Mr. Eko.

Mr. Pungky in his material explained the importance of social media, especially Instagram. He emphasized that the ormawa admin is required to equate the ormawa account name with the account belonging to Perbanas Surabaya Public Relations. This aims to make it easier for the admin to carry out monitoring and also to make it easier for the public to remember.

Mr. Iqbal in his presentation said "a tool to measure the progress of all the world's best universities or colleges (World Class University) through the website, while Perbanas Surabaya is ranked 12395 in the world". For this reason, he urged Perbanas to focus on enhancing the image and introduction of the campus through the website. He added that one way for people to visit the Perbanas website is by updating the content. One of them is a news update in Perbanas. For that reason, it is important for ormawa to participate in updating news about the activities carried out on the ORMAWA website.

The hope of this activity is that each student organization will be able to make news releases related to their respective activities. Furthermore, as a follow-up to this activity, a similar activity will be held to monitor whether public relations from student organizations have problems updating news content and the ORMAWA website. (yhcp, hms)


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