Financial Planner Profession for Beginners

Friday, 26 April 2019     View: 5880

Along with the development of public literacy, many professions have grown including those in the field of accounting. Like Financial Planner, a profession that is currently very new to be recognized in Indonesia. To open students' horizons, the Diploma 3 Accounting Program at STIE Perbanas Surabaya held a Guest Lecture themed "Financial Planner for Beginner" on Friday, April 26, 2019. Located in Room II.A302, this event was attended by dozens of Diploma 3 Accounting students from the local campus.

To provide this new understanding, resource persons who were presented by a Financial Planner Advisor Sharia Mentor AWP - FPSSB Indonesia, Irma Andriyaningtyas, ST. AWP. CFP. In the guest lecture, he explained that Financial Planner is related to processes, life goals, and financial management. There are two parts of the Financial Planner, namely comprehensive financial planning and financial planning that will be in special or specific needs.

He continued, Financial Planner needs to be done now because in this profession a lot of people need, especially those related to financial planning in the future. There are many benefits that can be obtained when choosing the Financial Planner profession, one of which is a very large income and freedom of time at work. In fact, to become a Financial Planner can be done by attending training. "The program is carried out in collaboration with financial companies that are full of innovative businesses that can make us fully creative with fantastic bonuses which we can call a game program," he explained.

Irma Andriyaningtyas also added that in the mentoring program, one year of professional certification development will be carried out in several stages. In stage 1 you get an income of 1.5 million per month getting AWP certification, in stage 2 income 3 million per month get RFP certification, in stage 3 you get 4.5 million income per month, in stage 4 you get 7 million per month by getting CFP certification, and at the last stage, namely Inauguration. "It is very unfortunate if we as students do not take this opportunity which is very valuable and limited. The reason is, in only 1 year we can have a degree before the study period ends. Not only that, we can also have a lot of experience and relationships before we graduate from college, "he concluded. (Della.r)

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