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STIE Perbanas Surabaya through its Diploma 3 Program held a Public Lecture "Become Successful Entrepreneur" on Friday, December 8, 2017. Located in Hall B Campus, this event was attended by hundreds of students divided into 2 sessions, namely 13.00 WIB and 15.00 WIB.

Secretary of the Diploma 3 Study Program, Putri Wulanditya, SE., M.Sc., Ak. conveying that public lectures are always held periodically by bringing in experienced and competent practitioners in their respective fields. To students participating in public lectures, he hopes that this opportunity will be used as much as possible to gain knowledge, especially in the world of entrepreneurship. "Apart from obtaining theoretical knowledge from entrepreneurship lecturers, now we can listen directly to business actors who have succeeded in starting careers, From Cart to Alphard," said Putri Wulanditya in front of public lecture participants.

The speaker who gave the public lecture was the author of the book "From a cart to an Alphard" and currently serves as Vice President of Sinarmas MSIG Life, Arie S. Hariyanto, SE., MM. He said that his career began in elementary school by selling. Moving on to college, he became an agent in a well-known insurance company.

To public lecture participants, Arie invited students to become plus students. This means that students do not just study, but start running any business to train mentally and insight. The first thing that must be done to achieve success is to be grateful. "The first tip for successful entrepreneurship is to give thanks to Allah SWT," he said.

Talking about his life principles, Arie is a workaholic because he is tired of being a poor person. Then when he was a teenager, he was motivated to be a successful person and dreamed of being able to buy his parents' house. "I have the principle of workaholism because I am tired of being a poor person," said Arie Gaspol, with his unique nickname.

Before ending the lecture, this man born in Bali advised the students not to just study, but they must have plus values ​​both in terms of academics and soft skills. The expansion of the friendship network and good communication skills can encourage one's success. "If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, meet the successful people around you," he said. (Tail)

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