Achievement, Student Team of STIE Perbanas Surabaya Wins Big Five in East Java LLDIKTI

Monday, 22 June 2020     View: 7159

STIE Perbanas Surabaya students have again shown their achievements. This time, the best business and banking campus students in Indonesia won 2nd place in the Written and Poster Ideas Contest with the theme "Learning from Covid-19". The competition, which was held by the Lembaga Layanan Pendidikan Tinggi Wilayah 7 Jawa Timur (LL DIKTI), managed to collect 498 works of students from 78 universities. Based on LL Dikti Announcement Number 938 / LL7 / KM / 2020, the STIE Perbanas Surabaya student team, namely Cornelia Oribel, Putri Agustina, and Dona Ambarsari were included in the top 5 best.

The head of the student team, Cornelia Oribel, said she was surprised because the announcement was made by the Secretary of the Accounting Study Program at the local campus. He and the team did not expect it because there were quite a lot of student entries. "With so many works, we got the 2nd runner up, which is the Fifth Best, which is very moving for us. Moreover, my team with members has just been formed. The three of us burst into tears as soon as we heard the announcement, "he impressed.

Oribel continued, written ideas and posters were made for the competition entitled "Implementation of New Normal Lectures Policy and Utilization of the E-Campus Education Platform in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period". In his paper, there are two ideas that can be applied by the campus and followed by students.

First, the application of rotating lectures is an application of physical distancing to avoid new clusters. Second, the Digital E-Campus Education Platform has the features students need so that online lectures can run optimally. "During online lectures, students can take advantage of E-Campus Education, as a means of adding sources of reference and understanding in the form of learning video features, material slides, material PDFs, a question and answer forum, and also some practice questions," he explained.

Meanwhile, Putri Agustina as a member added that her party had discussions via video call, because they were still in their respective homes. After the idea was sparked, his party conducted research with Google Forms for students from various campuses. Finally, the papers and posters were finished for a week. "We send the Google form as research evidence. For online lectures, if we create a platform design, they (respondents) say that many are interested in learning, "he added.

The three students of the Bachelor of Accounting study program are determined to continue making achievements. According to him, this champion did not make them feel satisfied and proud. He considered that there were many things that needed to be learned again in order to achieve better results. "We hope that we and other STIE Perbanas Surabaya students can continue to develop and carve a good name for the campus even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic," he hoped. (eko/r)


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