During the PSBB, Businesses to Stay Survive Need to Pay Attention to In

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A number of big cities in East Java have implemented Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) since the end of April. It's been two weeks, PSBB is still ongoing and it is possible to extend it again. This condition certainly has an impact on all parties, including business people who have to think extra hard to think about accurate strategies so that their businesses can survive (survive).

Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Putri Wulanditya, S.E., M.Ak., CPSAK., Said that the condition of the Covid 19 pandemic is not an easy matter for business people to face. According to him, when viewed from business people who still have a lot of money savings, taking a temporary break might be the best solution. However, how long will the savings be enough? "Moreover, business people who have employees. They need income for their families and in this month of Ramadan ahead of Eid Al-Fitr, employees are also waiting for their 13th salary or identical to THR (Hari Raya allowance, -red)," he explained.

In responding to these conditions, business people need to determine strategic steps. Putri said, business people could start to identify business conditions during the Covid 19 pandemic and the limitations they experienced. Business people can conduct a simple survey via WhatsApp to customers about their current needs. The survey can simultaneously gather several opinions about the right business system for the business we are running. "If what we are selling is not being needed or the business really cannot be operationalized, then it is time to turn a little direction but the business will still survive," he advised.

Then, to avoid stress yourself, business people can empower family members and employees. During Work From Home (WFH) or Business From Home (BFH), business people have plenty of time to interact with their families or establish good communication with employees. Discuss so that the business can survive but also get a win-win solution. They must be happy because they are involved in the responsibility for the continuity of the business. "Choose the two or three best alternatives as Plan A and Plan B. If Plan A is not successful, then you can carry out Plan B and so on," he added.

In addition, ball pick-up services can be used as a strategy that is needed by business actors today. According to Putri, the direct marketing system that touches customer needs and delivery orders sent home became a best-selling business when the Covid 19 pandemic took place.

"An entrepreneur or entrepreneur is required to remain smart, innovative, and creative, by maximizing the availability of technology and communication. This is also part of an effort to survive in running a business," Putri tricked businessmen.

He continued, if business people are not used to it or not updated, they have to learn if they don't want their business to end just like that.

Finally, the importance of a positive mindset for every business actor. Don't let yourself become weak, so that it has an impact on the business being run. Think about the fate of your family and employees who have helped you so far. Keep trying and pray for the best way.

"Everyone who has a business must have the same problems and obstacles. However, what distinguishes only the spirit of optimism to survive in difficult times that not everyone has. Rest assured that this tragedy will end soon," he said. (hms)

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