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The hobby he has been pursuing since he was in Kindergarten (TK) has actually been rewarded with achievements. This is what is experienced by Lila Setia Dewik, a student of Sharia Economics from STIE Perbanas Surabaya. This student from Tuban won 1st place in the Batik Motif Design Competition held by the STIE Perbanas Surabaya Library. This prize was handed over by the officer to him on Tuesday, September 3, 2019.

When met after the handover, the girl who is familiarly called Lila admitted that she was very grateful for being able to win the championship.

Although he was pessimistic about becoming a champion, he continues to try to make designs. According to him, trying to design never hurts. In fact, the Batik motif design that was made only took 3 days. "So, D-3 (not the day before, -red) I just started to prepare batik designs. So it takes about 3 days for the manufacture, ”explained Lila.

The youngest child of the couple Mr. Martum and Mrs. Wursriati raised a combination of Ornamental Birds, Parang Motifs, and Semanggi Motifs. According to him, the bird decoration and parang motifs have their own philosophy, while the semanggi motif is one of the typical batik motifs in Surabaya. "When I wanted to do this, I remembered my high school Final Examination assignment. At that time he was also asked to make a batik motif design, ”he said.

At first, he made patterns with colored pencils. After all the combination of batik motif sketches was almost finished, he finished finishing it with gold ink. Then his work was submitted to the Library of STIE Perbanas Surabaya.

In everyday life, this girl who graduated from SMA Negeri 1 Tuban is also used to painting favorite motifs. When he is bored, his pen scribbles can produce various motifs.

When asked about her ideals, this girl wearing hijab also wanted to become an entrepreneur. An idea that was conveyed to her friend, Lila, wanted to make decorative ornaments that can be sold in an online shop. To realize this, he is still preparing everything that will support his business later.

The student who won a Cumulative Achievement Index (GPA) of 3.93 in Semester 2 also expressed her gratitude to STIE Perbanas for holding a batik motif design competition. This can bridge students to channel their talents and creativity. "After achieving this I became interested and eager to take part in this kind of competition outside of campus and re-pursue my hobby," he hoped. (ek0 / public relations)

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