Perbanas Lecturers Teach Islamic Banking and Finance at Utrecht University

Monday, 17 July 2017     View: 6997

STIE Perbanas Surabaya collaborates with Utrecht University in the Netherlands to hold a Summer School Program, on 17-21 July 2017. Located at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, this course has the theme Islamic Banking and Finance: Principle and Practical Solutions.

As many as 15 people from various countries around the world participated in this short lecture. They come from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Kosovo, England, Switzerland, Italy, India and Poland. On this occasion, Lecturer at STIE Pebanas Surabaya, Drs. Abdul Mongide, MA., Ph.D., served as the main speaker and compiler of the learning syllabus. He held discussions related to discussing major issues in the field of finance and Islamic banking.

In addition, the materials discussed were related to how to prepare a contract or contract without interest payments. For example, a contract or contract based on the principle of profit sharing (musyarakah), a contract or contract that resembles a lease (ijarah), and a contract or contract that provides a house purchase facility (murabahah).

An interesting thing that caught the attention of the participants in this lecture was sharia investment through sukuk. The reason is, this material provides a different experience to participants who participate in these activities. In addition to receiving theories related to the issues discussed, they are presented with a case study so that they experience the practical implementation of theory from the applications of sharia contracts in the world of Islamic finance and banking. In fact, this lecture is very important for participants who have ambitions to pursue a career in the banking sector or in the financial sector in international companies. (.r)

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