Perbanas Students in Indonesian Credit Development

Wednesday, 07 June 2017     View: 6798

STIE Perbanas Surabaya as a business and banking campus with a global perspective, constantly equips graduates to be qualified and competitive. So far, various learning methods have been applied, ranging from deepening theory to practice, and even presenting competent practitioners. This is what the Undergraduate Management Study Program applies when holding a Guest Lecture on Account Officer and Credit Management on Wednesday, June 7, 2017. Located at the Campus 1 Auditorium, this event was attended by all students taking account officer and credit management courses, starting from Diploma III, Bachelor, to Masters.

Head of the Bachelor of Management Program, Dr. Muazzaroh, SE, M.MT., Said that this lecture was intended to equip students, especially those taking the concentration of banking management. He emphasized that so far, guest lectures by presenting education practitioners and professional people have always been carried out considering that students need to know the latest economic developments. "Currently the guest lecture carries the theme Indonesian Economic Development and Bank Credit. The speaker also comes from the Commissioner of BNI Bank, Dr. Joni Swastanto," he explained.

The guest lecture moderated by Dr. Abdul Mongide, MA., Students are invited to respond to the latest banking developments so that they can understand patterns that can be implemented when entering the world of work. Armed with basic level risk management certification, it can be used as capital for STIE Perbanas Surabaya graduates to compete competitively.

Dr. Joni Swastanto said that students must have a competitive spirit when entering the world of work. Banking continues to refresh human resources by recruiting fresh graduates. "At BNI, we open short and long-term apprenticeship programs, which are three to six months. Internships are training, so we can recruit apprentices to become BNI Bank employees if our performance is good and according to their needs," he explained after completing college. guest.

Regarding the development of credit, he explained that the government is encouraging an increase in credit in Indonesia. However, this support did not merely weaken the debtor selection process. His party also continues to carry out the selection according to the procedure so that prospective debtors can meet the stipulated requirements. "In general, the development of credit has increased, in 2016 yesterday the figure reached 9%," he concluded. (Kristina.r)

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