Caring for Your Beloved Alma mater, IKAPNAS Donates 95 Million Funds

Wednesday, 10 May 2017     View: 6534

STIE Perbanas Surabaya will hold Graduation for the first period of 2017 for its graduates, but this green campus always holds a farewell party as well as a place for prospective graduates to meet the Management of the Perbanas Alumni Association (Ikapnas) through the Perbanas Alumni Night (PAN) event. This event was held on Wednesday, May 10 2017 at Dyandra Convention Hall Surabaya.

For the sake of progress of the beloved STIE Perbanas Surabaya campus, alumni who are members of the STIE Perbanas Alumni Association (IKAPNAS) have contributed 95 million rupiah. The funding contribution was given by the Chairman of IKAPNAS, Dr. Abdul Gofar Ismail, SE., MM., To the Chairman of STIE Perbanas Surabaya, Dr. Lutfi, SE., M.Fin., Accompanied by Dr. Sasongko Budisusetyo, M.Sc., CA., CPA., CPMA (Deputy Chair for Student Affairs and Cooperation). "We focus on this assistance for the procurement of library materials. However, library materials are not only hardcopy but softcopy, namely in the form of e-books (electronic books) and e-journal subscriptions (electronic jounal). It is hoped that the role of alumni in the future can support academics, network job vacancies, and contribute to the provision of educational facilities, "explained Dr. Lutfi, SE., M.Fin.

This Perbanas Alumni Night event carries the theme Candy Land Party with a colorful concept like a rainbow adorning the blue sky. A total of 475 prospective graduates who attended were dressed gracefully, neatly, and charming. They also appear to adjust to the theme that has been given so that it looks harmonious and luxurious. After the donation ceremony was over, all graduates from the Diploma, Bachelor, and Master Management majors really enjoyed live music entertainment, games, and rewards for the most popular graduates and Ternarsis graduates. This time, the graduate who holds the most popular title is Noisa Cahyanti and the most famous graduate is Rahayu Putri Agustina. This poll was also conducted several months before the event so that the two of them did not expect that their friends had received the title.

The excitement and excitement of the event were more visible after they participated in the games that were presented, the graduates seemed to be actively popping colorful balons to solve word puzzles conveyed by the emcee. The atmosphere of PAN this time feels more intimate and fun, even touching when a number of these graduates watch a video of their journey from the beginning of entry, activities or lectures, until they are about to graduate by STIE Perbanas Surabaya.

One of the graduates, Noisa Cahyanti said that she was very happy to be back with her friends. He admitted that at this time he had worked at Bank Bukopin Syariah so that the time to gather with his college friends was decreasing. "This event is very exciting, I can also express it because the theme of the mini-night event is colorful so that it brings a cheerful atmosphere," said one of the top 5 finalists of Yuk Sidoarjo.

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