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Saturday, (25/6/2016) at exactly 09.00 WIB, Bachelor of Management students taking the Account Officer course flocked to the Hall A Auditorium of STIE Perbanas Surabaya to attend a Guest Lecture with the theme "Challenges and Opportunities for Account Officer Professional Career Opportunities".

Basically, an Account Officer is a Bank employee who is tasked with finding customers according to the criteria proposed by the Bank, assessing, evaluating, and proposing the amount of credit extended to customers. The event was held as a substitute for the 14th meeting lecture, aimed at providing education and a detailed overview of theory and practice as well as challenges in the field for the Account Officer (AO) profession.

On this occasion, the speakers who attended the guest lecture were the Branch Manager of Citibank Surabaya, Bambang Soelistijono. He also has a history as AO at Bank Niaga which has now changed its name to Bank CIMB Niaga. In addition, he has also taught at CABM STIE Perbanas Surabaya. His party also shared good and bad experiences as well as tricks and suggestions so as not to be surprised by the reality experienced by the AO profession. The material provided is about Banks and matters relating to Banks, such as Banks that have many regulations, Banks that are full of risks, identical to Services and Trust, Banks that have a margin of 2-3%, intense competition and technology that supports the world. banking.

“Banks are a highly regulated industry, not suitable for individuals who like freedom, why is that? Because the bank concerns the needs of many people. 88% of funds do not belong to the Bank, if mismanaged, public funds will be lost, and we must have at least 2 things, namely mentally ready to compete and master foreign languages, at least English even though the customers faced are local customers, "said Bambang Soelistijono.

Furthermore, he delivered material on the reasons why the quality of human resources is vital. In the question and answer session, Bachelor of Management student Dian Yuni Damayanti agreed that HR has a vital influence on the banking sector, especially in the field of account officers, because one of the important things in the banking world is service or service. "In this case, which is directly related to consumers are people who work from the human side. If my human resources are qualified, it will have a significant effect on the bank's performance, ”he explained.

The final material given to students attracts their enthusiasm about AO with its role, qualifications, and career path. The role of the Account Officer, among others: as a liaison for banks and customers, as revenue generator, as well as being the spearhead and bringing the good name of a bank to the public. Meanwhile, the qualifications of an Account Officer include: being able to work in a team, like new things, having a mentality to serve, and being obedient because it is not uncommon for AOs to be pro-customer so that bank regulations are violated.

Furthermore, regarding career, Bambang Soelistijono explained that the majority of candidates for a manager / leader are from the AO profession. This can happen because AO knows extensively about internal and external banking, particularly regarding customer needs. For career paths, AO starts from the Team Leader (Head of AO), Sales Manager, Branch Manager to Auditor. "So it can be concluded that AO is a spokesperson for the bank and to be able to do his job an AO must have tricks to overcome his fear, especially towards the target and the customer. Usually people are afraid because they don't know and those who know will be calmer. An AO must also be Smart Working by looking for opportunities that exist and trying to maximize his 25 working days. Hopefully this lecture is useful and you are my friends, if you want to learn a lot about AO, please email me, "concluded Bambang Soelistijono. (Denis / Eko)

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