Understanding the Pattern of International Entrepreneurship

Tuesday, 14 May 2019     View: 8514

In order to realize the global vision, the Bachelor of Management Study Program of STIE Perbanas Surabaya held a guest lecture by presenting guest lecturers from overseas campuses. The guest lecturer was brought in from Utrecht University The Netherlands, Prof. Arie Buijs. He also has come to the best business and banking campuses in Indonesia several times to carry out cooperation. One of the ongoing collaborations, the Transfair Academic Awards Summer School Program since 2016.

Located in Room D303, Tuesday, May 14, 2019 this guest lecture raised the topic of Entrepreneurship. Dozens of students who took the Entrepreneurship course listened carefully to every explanation given.

The Head of the Bachelor of Management Study Program, Burhanudin, Ph.D., said that the reason presented by Prof. Arie Buijs in the guest lecture aims to add insight into student entrepreneurship, not only at national level but also internationally. Therefore, one of the best professors from Utrecht University The Netherlands was invited to share experiences and knowledge in international business.

In the presence of students, Prof. Arie Buijs explained that entrepreneurship is not solely for seeking profit, but it can also not be to take advantage. "Entrepreneurship, identification and pursuit of opportunities for the creation of new values ​​and established organization (intrapreneurship), profit seeking and not for profit management," said Prof. Arie.

He continued, in entrepreneurship there is a dual mission, namely talent and overcoming social challenges. Talent itself is very important for every student to have. With the talent, they can contribute to the community with the various disciplines they have. Then, the next mission is to overcome social challenges. That is, an entrepreneur is able to solve social problems and realize sustainable development. This is done by entrepreneurship.

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