Financial Asset Guest Lecture: Students Invited to Know Details about Mutual Funds

Thursday, 04 April 2019     View: 6990

To gain knowledge and insight from experts, STIE Perbanas Surabaya regularly invites a number of practitioners. This is so that the information conveyed to students comes from actors who are directly involved in the field. As held by the Bachelor of Management Study Program and Bachelor of Islamic Economics, namely Guest Lecture "Asset Financial: Conventional Funds and Sharia Mutual Funds" on Thursday, April 4, 2019.
Located in Room D305-306, this guest lecture was attended by hundreds of management and Islamic economics students who took Wealth Management courses. Meanwhile, the speaker presented was a Manulife Asset Management Indonesia Wealth Manager (MAMI), Rudy Basuki, S.T., CFP.
During the guest lecture, the speakers presented various materials about mutual funds that developed in Indonesia. Rudy said he was familiar, explaining that the owners of mutual fund accounts were few compared to other investments. "The amount is only about 1% of the population in Indonesia," he explained.
He also said that the Financial Services Authority (OJK) had also issued a policy on mutual funds. One of the policies is to make it easier for the public to invest capital market funds in mutual funds with a nominal value of IDR 10,000.
To students, Rudy also offered the 3I concept before investing in mutual funds. The concept of 3I is meant, namely Insaf, economical, and invest. In addition, he also invited students to change their habits. For example Irit, students are usually left over spent recently saved, but from now on they are saved before the rest is spent.
To understand, mutual funds are investment programs that combine capital from many investors and invest in various instruments and are managed professionally by asset management companies (Investment Managers). These mutual funds are more flexible and can be withdrawn at any time without time. Rudy added, this mutual fund is a safe investment model because it has been registered with the FSA and is free of taxes.
The types of mutual funds, namely: money market mutual funds; fixed income mutual funds; mixed mutual funds; and stock mutual funds. "So if you can save smartly then the results can be shaky," concluded Rudy.

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