To Foster Entrepreneurial Interest in Vocational High Schools (SMK) in Gresik, UHW Perbanas Lecturers Provide Training and Mentoring

Monday, 02 January 2023     View: 2082

Graduates of Vocational High Schools (SMK) are projected to become entrepreneurs. The skills acquired in school are expected to cultivate an interest in independently starting businesses according to their competencies. However, the number of SMK graduates who immediately venture into entrepreneurship is not significant. This sentiment was echoed by the Head of SMK Swasta Mambaul Ikhsan Gresik, Abid Nailur Ridlo.
"Despite having well-equipped laboratory classes and competent teachers in their respective fields, there have been no graduates who expressed a desire to become entrepreneurs," he revealed.
This situation has prompted a team of lecturers from Universitas Hayam Wuruk Perbanas to foster entrepreneurial interest among students based on outcomes. The team, led by Supriyati, initially targeted teachers of various subjects at local schools. They were invited to participate in training and mentoring sessions on entrepreneurship to motivate their students to pursue entrepreneurial ventures and ensure that the learning outcomes at SMK are achieved.
"Starting from early December, we began providing training and mentoring on entrepreneurship for teachers at SMKS Mambaul Ikhsan Ujungpangkah Gresik. Some teachers from other SMKs in the North Gresik area also participated," she explained to Basra on Monday, (6/2).
The team of lecturers from UHW Perbanas includes Supriyati, Citra Laksmi Rithmaya, Cholis Setiawan, Diyah Pujiati, and Heri Supriyanto.
Supriyati further emphasized that they aim for cross-disciplinary collaboration among teachers from different vocational fields to cultivate entrepreneurial interest through various business ideas related to their respective subjects. The school offers four vocational fields, including culinary arts, fashion design, networking and computer, as well as agribusiness and digital business.
"They can collaborate across disciplines to create flagship products with market value," she added.
The demand for students to become independent young entrepreneurs is a target for all vocational schools, and it is mandatory to incorporate subjects like Creative Products and Entrepreneurship (PKK) that focus more on outcomes. Students are also provided with funding sources, learn production skills, and are taught marketing strategies.


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