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Supporting the Job-Ready Generation, PT Intidaya Dinamika Sejati Collaborates with the University of Hayam Wuruk Perbanas

Monday, 23 January 2023     View: 2013

The Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Hayam Wuruk Perbanas (UHW Perbanas) welcomed practitioners from PT Intidaya Dinamika Sejati (PT IDS) on Thursday, January 19th. Practitioners from PT IDS included Mr. Jonathan Kartawijaya (Director), Ms. Wulan Wahyuningsih (Legal Officer), and Ms. Djulaika (Tax Manager). PT IDS is a company that distributes pedro gil, root blowers, and Becker vacuum pumps. Also, it serves as a technical consulting service for various products, such as vacuum pumps, root blowers, air end compressors, control panels, and airlocks for all brands. This visit aimed to sign the MoU and MoA between UHW Perbanas and PT IDS, primarily to facilitate internship activities.

From UHW Perbanas, the event was attended by Dr. Yudi Sutarso (Rector), Dr. Soni Harsono (Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation), Prof. Tatik Suryani (Dean of FEB), Dr. Nurul Hasanah Uswati Dewi (Undergraduate Accounting Program Coordinator), and Dr. Muazaroh (Head of PPPM and Cooperation). The event was facilitated by the Cooperation and International Office of UHW Perbanas.

During the event, the Rector of UHW Perbanas welcomed the Director of PT IDS and expressed joy in the collaboration, as it aligns with the vision and mission of UHW Perbanas to produce excellent students, one of which is through internship activities. The internship program with PT IDS will run for several months, applying the knowledge taught during the academic process on campus.

The internship collaboration is expected to be carried out sustainably and under procedures between both parties, given the importance of the responsibility of PT IDS during the students' internship program. Thus, interns must have a strong commitment during the internship. PT IDS is interested in collaborating with UHW Perbanas because students can operate the SAP ERP system, which is a requirement for the company. The hope is that students and the company will quickly develop due to having quality and competent human resources through this internship program.

In this initial initiative, PT IDS will initiate an internship program for finance systems based on ERP. Interning students will gain real work experience and be directly guided by PT IDS employees. Dr. Nurul, as the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Accounting Program at FEB UHW Perbanas, appreciates this internship opportunity because students will practically apply the SAP ERP system to manage the company's financial processes and apply other knowledge to enhance student learning credibility within the campus environment. This activity is in line with the curriculum of the Undergraduate Accounting Program. (AA&LYM)

Foto: Sesi Penandatanganan MoU dan Berita Acara

Foto: Sesi Penandatanganan MoA-PKS 

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