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News on MSDM Webinar Activities "How to Keep up and improve Human Resource Competences for Gaining Competitive Advantage"

Thursday, 24 November 2022     View: 1887

On the occasion of the human resource management (MSDM) webinar this time entitled "How to Keep up and improve Human Resource Competences for Gaining Competitive Advantage" which was held by the Master of Management at Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 18.30-20.30. The source for the webinar, namely Dr. Iffah Rosyiana, M.Psi, a psychologist guided by an extraordinary moderator, namely Prof. Dr. Tatik Suryani, Psi., M.M. The webinar went well and was full of enthusiasm from both the presenters, moderators and participants.

The webinar material presented was the first related to an important strategy for preparing future HR in the face of an increasingly advanced industrial revolution:
1. Embrace Technology and Analytics
2. Understand How Companies Succeed
3. Stay Focused on People
4. Get Ready for a New Workforce

5. Market a Modern Benefit Plan
6. Stay abreast of Compliance Issues
7. Get Certified (or Update Your Skill Set)

In understanding the meaning of competence, Dr. Iffah said that Competence is the work ability of each individual which includes aspects of knowledge, skills and work attitudes that are in accordance with the expected standardization (National Agency for Professional Certification, 2014). And right now, HR competence has the latest regulations, namely the Decree of the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia Number 115 of 2022.

The Occupational Certification Scheme is as follows:

1. Human Resources Staff

2.Supervisor of Human Resources

3.Supervisor of HR Recruitment and Selection

4. Supervisor of Industrial Relations

5. Head of Human Resources

6.Human Resources Manager

7. Industrial Relations Manager

8.Organizational Development Manager

9.Training And Development Manager

10. Remuneration Manager

11. Talent Management Manager

12. General Manager of Human Resources

And it was conveyed that in order to increase HR competence, HR must hone both hard skills and soft skills, as well as HR Skills (HR-Specific skills, Business Acumen, and Digital & data literacy. Apart from this HR must be Proactive in the HR Community, Improve related certifications, Expand Networking. (Alda)

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