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Webinar Masters in Management Series How GCG, Risk Management, and Compliance are Effective Saturday, 28 May 2022

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This time the Management Series Webinar activity is a Master of Management Study Program which is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Hayam Wuruk University, Perbanas. In addition, the important point of this webinar is how effective GCG, Risk Management, and Compliance are. This event was attended by our resource person, Dr. Anggraeni. S.E., M.Si. as well as Lecturer of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University, Dr. Ronny, S.Kom., M.Kom as Chair of the Master of Management Study Program at Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University, Febby Ayu Ramadhani as moderator as well as student receiving a master's degree in management scholarship at Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University in 2020, and very enthusiastic participants from inside and outside the campus.

The material presented related to GRC is an approach to the company's three main pillars, namely governance, risk management, and compliance with regulations. Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC): is an umbrella term, the way organizations address the three areas that help them achieve their goals. While the main goal of GRC as a business practice is to create a synchronized approach to these areas, avoiding repetition of tasks and ensuring that the approach used is effective and efficient.

GCG is a system that regulates and controls companies that create added value for all stakeholders (Monks, 2003). There are two things that are emphasized in this concept: first, the importance of the right of shareholders to obtain correct and timely information and, second, the company's obligation to make accurate, timely, transparent disclosures of all information on company performance, ownership and ownership. , and stakeholders. Good governance is characterized by the optimal structure of the role of the company's organs and the implementation of the governance process, starting from the enforcement of ethics: code of conduct, conflicts of interest, management processes to reporting and transparency. Implementation of governance in the long term can provide benefits including creating a good corporate culture, maintaining the company's reputation, and maintaining the company's sustainability.

Risk Management, The purpose of risk management is to minimize risk. Operating within a reasonable-sized business or organization involves risk, and often risk associated with returns and liabilities, so by assessing potential risks and developing mitigations against these risks, you ensure more consistent returns and minimize any liability. The risk management process requires the support of a management information system that can support the creation of accurate, informative, and timely reports regarding the bank's financial condition, performance of functional activities and bank risk exposures.

Compliance knows that compliance is a risk due to the Bank not complying with and/or not implementing the applicable laws and regulations. Compliance risk is the risk that arises as a result of the bank not complying with and/or not implementing the applicable laws and regulations, including sharia principles for sharia commercial banks and sharia business units. The complexity of the Bank's business activities is increasing in line with the development of information technology, globalization, and financial market integration, which has a very large impact on the risks to be faced by the Bank, particularly Compliance Risk.

The presentation of the material presented was very interesting and important, it made the webinar participants enthusiastic in asking questions. So that the webinars can run interactively. (R_Alda)

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