At UHW Perbanas, Small Medium Enterprises Rusunawa Wonorejo Practice Digital Marketing and Product Photo Techniques

Saturday, 21 May 2022     View: 4362

The Covid 19 pandemic that hit Indonesia in 2020 had a significant impact on mothers in managing family finances. This is in fact also felt by the mothers of Rusunawa Wonorejo Surabaya. Since then, they have built their own Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) businesses for survival. Unfortunately, the digital marketing aspect has not been optimally touched so that sales results are still relatively low.

This condition received the attention of a group of lecturers from Hayam Wuruk University, Perbanas, who took on the role of providing training, particularly on digital marketing, the use of E-Commerce platforms to technical product photography content creation to attract buyers. Mothers who are members of the local PKK RW X Rusunawa attend training at UHW Perbanas Wonorejo Campus, on Saturday, (21/5).

The team of lecturers as well as training resource persons, Lindiawati said there were around 30 MSME actors developing businesses. The products sold are also dominated by the types of food and beverages. "When we visit there (rusunawa), on average, we also find that the packaging for selling products is not good, product brand names do not exist, so that sales do not use the latest technology," said Lindi on the sidelines of the training activities.

In line with him, Romi Ilham as the team leader of the UHW Perbanas lecturer group emphasized that his community service aims to equip business actors to use technology with online sales through delivery services and e-commerce platforms. “In this training, we provide guidance regarding digital marketing techniques. In fact, their digital marketing activities can later be accessed with a smartphone or cellphone. We also train them in product photo techniques to make them attractive in online stores by using a mini studio,” added Romi Ilham.

Meanwhile, Madurese tripe rice seller who is also a training participant, Nor Hasanah said she was happy because she got new knowledge and experience. This kind of training activity turned out to be the first time he had attended so it really helped his business in increasing product marketing. “I usually take my own photos of the products and upload them right away. If you use this photo studio, the results will look better,” he said during the training.

Please note, community service activities by the UHW Perbanas lecturer team, including: Romi Ilham (Team Leader), Lindiawati, Dewi Ayu Wulandari, Yudha Delonix Renzina, and Heri Supriyanto. (eco/hms)

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