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Latest Report Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with Alumni

Wednesday, 08 December 2021     View: 3233

The main task of higher education is to produce human resources with competence according to the needs of the community. With the change in form from a High School to a University and the formation of the Faculty of Economics and Business, the quality of graduates must be improved according to industry needs. To adapt to changes that occur and continuous improvement, input from Alumni and Graduate Users is needed. In this regard, it is necessary to conduct a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with stakeholders. In this FGD activity, the Master of Management Study Program which is part of the Faculty of Economics and Business provides socialization related to the vision and mission of the study program in order to get input from stakeholders. Besides that, another important point from the FGD is that this discussion is to get input related to the curriculum. This is to align learning outcomes with graduate competencies to suit industry needs. The alumni who were invited to this activity consisted of several batches. It is hoped that more and more inputs will be obtained which will further build MM into an excellent study program. One of the FEB Advisory Board inputs, namely Mr. Syafiudin for the MM study program, was whether it was possible even though the Master of Human Resources Management major was made an International Human Resources Management course. replace it with Global Human Resources Management. In addition, input from Mr. Arry Dwi, namely Certification is an added value for graduates as a provision in the world of work. For now, many companies need new innovations from employees, so that lecture material or curriculum can be added to soft skills for the development of innovative ideas from students who can go out of the box. During college, students are taught to come up with innovative ideas related to business development or digital banking. This input will be followed up and is expected to be the first step in the development of the Master of Management study program. (TDP)

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