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Final Project Advisor Lecturer is a lecturer who is given the task to assist students and guide students in compiling their research as a condition for the completion of master's studies. Supervising lecturers also have an important role in directing, providing guidance, and supervision, especially on the method of study in the field of science needed by students in carrying out their final assignments, starting from the stage of proposal preparation, research implementation, to preparing research reports, and writing publication manuscripts. In addition, it also plays a role in showing and providing up-to-date scientific information in their respective fields/disciplines to students.

To support the completion of the student's final project, the study program organizes Thesis Care Series 2 for students from batches 23 to 28 and students from batch 29 who will take theses. Thesis care is routinely carried out by the MM study program every semester for 3 times to encourage students to graduate immediately. The material presented is very diverse according to the needs of students. On Saturday, February 26, 2022 with resource person Dr. Ronny, S.Kom., M.Kom., MH with the Material Points that must be considered in Chapters 1-3 and how to find published journals.

In addition to listening to the material, students can also do a final clinical assignment and convey related problems in completing the final project. It is hoped that with this activity students will have enthusiasm and make it easier for students to complete their final assignments. (TDP)

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