Receives 2021 Tracer Study Grant, UHW Perbanas Collaborates with Alumni to Improve Campus Quality

Saturday, 23 October 2021     View: 5497

The quality and pride of a university, one of which is measured by the success of the alumni in pursuing a career. They also take an important role in determining the relevance of the campus curriculum to the current world of work. This can be measured, among others, by organizing various activities with alumni, ranging from sharing sessions, workshops, seminars, to reunions, in order to gather information from these alumni.

On this occasion, the University of Hayam Wuruk Perbanas held a Sharing with Alumni about career experiences as Civil Servants (PNS) versus Private Employees. Taking place online, the speakers presented were: Mayke Kristika Antony Putri (Economic Analyst of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia) and Yudi Kurniawan Lastanto (Regional Sales Manager of PT Mayora Indah Tbk) both of whom are alumni with extraordinary experience in their respective fields.

The Chief Executive, Lufi Yuwana Mursita, said that the activity was part of a series of UHW Perbanas Tracer Study programs in 2021. Tracer study itself is a study that studies recent alumni activities for various outputs, including assessing the relevance of the curriculum and the world of work as well as building networks and databases. alumni who are useful for various kinds of college interests.

"We (UHW Perbanas) are one of 260 universities in Indonesia to receive the 2021 Tracer Study Facilitation Program Assistance from the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology," explained Lufi after the Webinar on Saturday, October 23. 2021 ago.

In addition to sharing about the success of UHW Perbanas alumni, this webinar activity is also used as a medium for meetings and friendships between universities and their alumni and a forum for alumni sharing to students. Lufi added that this event became the campus' annual agenda in order to update graduate data and receive input from alumni. Of course, all of this is for improving the quality of the campus in line with the latest changes in the world of work.

"This tracer study activity was declared completed at the end of October 2021. Therefore, we prepared an online survey form to facilitate data collection for graduates, especially in 2019 and 2020," he added.

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor 3 for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Dr. Soni Harsono, M.Si. confirms that Tracer Study is an obligation of universities. This activity is one of the campus studies to determine job search, work situations, and understanding of competency acquisition while studying at STIE Perbanas Surabaya which was transformed into Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University. "So, this tracer study is also an important part in the assessment of higher education, which is included in the outcome indicator with 30% of the absorption in less than 6 months of alumni working," he concluded. (Eko/PR)

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