Had Achieved High Presentation Score, UHW Perbanas Students Won Second Place NPC 2021

Sunday, 03 October 2021     View: 6163

Feelings of pleasure and pride now radiate from Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University students. The reason is, recently they took part in achieving achievements, namely the 2nd Winner of the 2021 National Paper Competition in the 2021 Accounting Skill Competition (ASIC) from Duta Wacana Christian University Yogyakarta on Saturday, September 25, 2021.

"Of course we thank God for the results of the collaboration with the team, supervisors, and campus support and are proud to be able to compete for new achievements for the campus," said Athala Asyifanaya, a member of the UHW Perbanas Business and Undergraduate Study Program team.

Athala admits that there are many things that must be passed before participating in the competition. He together with Cheline Cecylia Pardosi and M. Alif Zainal Fanani prepared paper materials with research so that the information conveyed was based on valid data in the field. By carrying out a paper entitled "Analysis of Millennial Accountants' Readiness in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period through the Technology Acceptance Model", they passed for the next stage of presentation in front of the judges.

“The scope is about the Accounting Information System. And for the results of the presentation, we got a very satisfying score, namely 92,” he said when contacted through the competition.

However, the value is not in accordance with the value of the paper and the final result. Athala admits that there are several things that must be improved again in writing papers in order to achieve maximum results. “The 92 score was just from the presentation. Because yesterday's paper score was higher than ours, even though their presentation score was low, they won because the paper score was taken at 75%," he said.

The enthusiasm for achievement is still burning for the team of undergraduate students in Accounting. target in the near term to be 1st in a similar event. “Obviously the next target is 1st place in a similar competition. And the long-term hope is in the international arena with better paper," Athala hoped. (eko/PR)




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