Empowering Banjar Village, Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University Students Focus on Creative Economy and Dance Culture

Wednesday, 01 September 2021     View: 5487

Hayam Wuruk Perbanas University  students empower residents through Creative Economy and Dance Culture Preservation activities. Located in Banjar Village, Weding District, Tuban Regency, students who are members of the Dance Student Activity Club and Basketball Club Students realize the activity thanks to the 2021 Holistic Village Development and Empowerment Program Grant (PHP2D) from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Republic of Indonesia.

Vice Rector 3 for Student Affairs and Cooperation, Dr. Soni Harsono, M.Si., said that there were 5 student organizations (ormawa) that won PHP2D Grants. In Banjar Village there are 2 Ormawa who play an active role in all series of activities. “We are grateful to have been welcomed so well in this village. Hopefully, these students can help and offer solutions to the obstacles faced by the residents of Banjar Village," he said in front of local village officials, starting on August 28, 2021.

In the creative economy activity, the student team of UKM Basket made an introduction and training on entrepreneurship. Residents are also encouraged to target markets that are currently trending, namely the culinary sector in first place and the fashion sector in second. In the middle of this month in September 2021, a number of residents were invited to take part in Sewing Training as an additional skill for residents besides farming. This effort aims to increase the income of residents in addition to agricultural activities which have been supporting the majority of their needs.

Then in terms of cultural preservation, the UHW Perbanas Dance UKM organizes exercises for the younger generation, starting from children to teenagers. In this activity, students collaborated with the Karang Taruna management of Banjar Village to revive the Aditama Dance Studio. At the end of the activity, a traditional dance performance will be made to revive the local village economy through arts and cultural activities.

During the activity, a number of resource persons from a number of UHW Perbanas lecturers and students provided a basic understanding of village community empowerment activities. The speakers who attended were: Dr. Supriyati S.E., M.Si, Ak., CA, CTA., Ellen Theresia S, S.E., Ak., M.B.A., Dewi Murdiawati S.E., M.M. Erika Dwi Syafitri, and Lathifa Mariana Ely.

Meanwhile, the Head of Banjar Village, Suyitno hopes that the implementation of PHP2D can have a positive impact on the residents of the area. Later, it will not only be implemented, but also have a continuity in order to improve the welfare of the local community. "The condition of the people of Banjar Village that most of them have a livelihood as farmers, while mothers are only housewives, so the development of the creative economy is very much needed to improve the welfare of the community," he hoped.

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