OJK Invites Students to Join the 1,000 Start-up Movement

Thursday, 20 December 2018     View: 7253

OJK Ajak Mahasiswa Gabung Gerakan 1.000 Start up

The era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 requires all business fields to innovate. Likewise in the economic sector, especially finance has innovations based on government regulations. Right on Thursday, (20/12) STIE Perbanas Surabaya in collaboration with the East Java Regional Financial Services Institution Communication Forum (FK-LJKD) held a Public Lecture on digital financial innovation. Located in the Auditorium Campus 1 of STIE Perbanas Surabaya, this activity was attended by around 200 students, lecturers, and financial services practitioners.

The event entitled Financial Technology for Young Generation presented the Director of Supervision of Financial Services Institutions (LJK) 1 of the Financial Services Authority (OJK) East Java Regional Office IV, Sotarduga Napitupulu. On this occasion, he said that Financial Technology (Fintech) had an impact on business and banking which had also changed. In addition, consumer behavior has also shifted, namely wanting everything to be more practical. In fact, all activities are carried out based on cellphones. 

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Seeing these conditions, financial service providers are not just silent. According to him, inevitably all financial services must keep up with changes so as not to be left behind. "In the future, many tasks or jobs will be replaced by robots or machines. However, the results of financial reports must still be analyzed by humans, in this context an accountant, "he explained to students.

Sotarduga also reminded users of start-up-based financial services to be careful. Even though Fintech has many benefits, customers need to be careful because start-up businesses have the potential to cause losses. Some of these losses, such as: data security and confidentiality, failure of the system, transaction errors, product information errors, so that customers do not understand the product.

"I suggest you, first look at start-ups that have obtained permission from the OJK. All licensed start-ups are displayed on the official OJK website. Second, understand the product and its terms carefully. So, you don't just click, "he said.

Before ending the lecture, his party invited students who have online businesses to join the government program in the form of the 1,000 start-up movement. The government opens up opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop business. These activities are open and free of charge.

Meanwhile, Dr. Emanuel Kristijadi, M.M., as Deputy Head of Academic Affairs at STIE Perbanas Surabaya encourages students to innovate, especially innovation in business. The reason is, this innovation will become one of the components of the future institutional accreditation assessment. "This event is expected to be able to absorb knowledge and innovation insights about finance. "In the future, it can realize new developments and innovations for campuses in the field of financial and banking services, both for students and lecturers," he hoped. (Ayu / Eko.r)

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