Diploma III in Banking and Finance

Vision and Mission



To become a National Leading Diploma 3 Study Program in banking and finance that is competitive and has a global perspective in 2022.

The vision above contains the following meanings:

  1. Excellent means that the D3 Banking and Finance Study Program aspires to be an excellent study program in the provision of education and teaching, research and community service in the national scope;
  2. Competitiveness is being able to meet the requirements and demands of expertise in the dynamic world of work. Lecturers and students are able to produce innovative work in the form of applied research and community service so that they can solve problems in the business world;
  3. Having a global perspective is being able to produce graduates with attitudes, perspectives and skills not only in the national scope, but also universally directed; and
  4. Year 2022 is a clear target date by which the vision of the D3 Banking and Finance Study Program will be realized.


  1. To provide education and teaching that has a competitive advantage in finance and banking with a global perspective;
  2. Carrying out applied research and quality community service, which can provide contributions or solutions to problems in the world of practice, especially in finance and banking as well as improving public welfare;
  3. Maintaining sustainable cooperation with various related agencies, both at home and abroad in the context of implementing the Tridharma of Higher Education; and
  4. Produce good study program governance so as to create a healthy, dynamic, welcoming, and friendly academic atmosphere


Producing ready-to-work Associate Expert graduates, who:

  1. Competent: has the ability in accordance with the field and expertise;
  2. Skilled: have adequate operational enthusiasm and dexterity;
  3. Reliable: has good accuracy and persistence in facing difficulties;
  4. Resilient: has a spirit that is not easy to complain and does not give up easily;
  5. Personality: having good moral ethics, behavior, dedication and discipline;
  6. Ready to grow: have the spirit to face challenges and develop themselves;
  7. Ready to compete: have the ability and advantage to compete; and
  8. Global insight: have a broad view and insight and always keep up with the times.

The Leading Business and Banking School

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