Diploma III in Banking and Finance

Vision and Mission


Becoming a leading national-scale Diploma Program that is able to produce graduates in management of banking and finance who have competency and competitiveness. 


  1. Organizing a qualified education to produce graduates in the field of management of banking and finance who are ready to work, have a good personality and have global insights.
  2. Enhancing applied research in management of banking and finance that contributes to the business world.
  3. Conducting community service activities through partnerships with business sector, government and society.
  4. Organizing good governance on study program of diploma to support good institution governance that is healthy, dinamic and friendly. 



  1. Producing graduates who are ready to work in the field of management of banking and finance who are a competent, skilful, tough, reliable, strong personality, ready to develop, ready to compete and have global insights.  
  2. Producing applied research that can contribute to and benefit the business world.
  3. Creating a healthy, conducive, friendly, dynamic and friendly academic atmosphere through professional and accountable governance. 

The Leading Business and Banking School

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